Nat Book: Aunt Sarai's Wedding

Aunt Sarai is going to have a wedding in

the summer a few days after my swim races.  I will be at the

wedding.  I will sit quietly during the ceremony.


At Aunt Sarai's wedding there will be a

lot of people.  I can say, "hi," to people.  I do not have to

talk to people if I don't want to.



I can also sit and read while other people talk.


I can bring music to listen to or toys to play with while other people talk.



I will sit at a table and eat the food that is served at Aunt Sarai's wedding.


I will see people that I know, like Grandma Eleanor, Great Grandma Vickie, Grandpa Batch, Grandann, and Uncle C.B.


Aunt Sarai and Ed are going to be feeling very happy at their wedding.


I can feel happy at the wedding, too.


And best of all...

I will get to eat a lot of wedding cake.  Yum!!