Lovely Day

After much anxiety about who could and could not make it to Ben's 10th birthday party, we ended up with just about everyone we invited! Relieved and happy, we could set about the next very important task of the day, which was to make a fantastic cake, based, as always, on the current interest of the moment.  

We decided that the cake would be from the "Zelda" video game, a collection of symbols in a treasure box.
Everybody helps, of course. Ned is the Chief Cake Engineer
The boys wait patiently (not)
Waiting and clowning
Of course he likes the cake!
Max is wondering if Ben will like the cake...
Who wouldn't? The lid was all brownie. The box was French Vanilla. Each boy got the symbol of his choice.
Lori hung out with us while we finished the cake.
Happy Birthday, Benj!