Passover Weekend 2008

It all started in Egypt, thousands of years ago.  But our Passover started here, in the kitchen.    My mission:  to make a brisket out of seven pounds of Kosher beef; to hard boil 16 eggs (part of our seder is to eat eggs and I wanted everyone, all 12 of us, to have as many as we wanted).  Also I had to assemble the seder plate:  parsley sprigs, roasted egg, haroses (chopped walnuts, wine, cinammon, and apples, to imitate bricks and mortar used by the enslaved Jews to build the Pharaoh his Pyramids), roasted shank bone (Mom brought it and cooked it) to remind us of the lamb's blood the enslaved Jews smeared on their houses so that they would be PASSED OVER by the Angel of Death, who was the 10th plague visited upon the Egyptians, who refused to free the Jews.  

Some of us don't know from cooking brisket...
Enjoying the sunshine.
Enjoying my family, and a respite from cooking.
My seder table.
Mom gives me a hug.
Dad initiates a game of "Kick the Can" while we wait for the food.
Ben and Kimmie doing their thing.
My flowers...
...even better flowers of mine.
Dad begins with a Passover poem.
Gifts from God.
That food is good!
The children all search for the Aphikomen, a hidden piece of matzah.
Time for dessert!
Max finds it and wins the prize (a few dollars).
Coffee and snacks.