Halloween Activities At My House
View from the front porch: webs, lights, fake crow on arbor, spider egg sack in left foreground, and chopped leg in right foreground.
Shelob is about to feast on the leg offering. Equipment in the background.
Lots o' web, punkin behind it, egg sack and freshly-hatched baby arachnids swarm.
View of house as trick-or-treaters will see it.
Alas, poor Yorick.
Vampire Ben paints the Kafei mask (no, it's not Pikachu!)
Ghostie Baby, made by Ned and Ben.
Kafei Komplete: Kute!
Max's Dharma punkin.
Max is talking at Pumpkinfest, the autumn fundraiser at Ben's school.
Nat about to go to yet another Halloween party.
Pumpkinfest mania.