My Passover Seder 2009
Nat is always hungry, and he loves the seder, so he waited at the table for some time, before it began.
My cousin Nick is a darling.
My cousin Emily is, too!
Surveying the scene.
The kiddos gaming.
Eggs are a symbol of life, and delicious, and so they are part of the meal.
Mom's great idea was to set up the seder elements on each person's (throwaway) plate! Brilliant!
Dad presides.
Begin with a prayer over the lights, spoken, in Hebrew, by Nat.
Now, a prayer of gratitude.
My grandmother's antique salt shakers (and her china)!
Uncle Gerard is explaining one of the Ten Plagues: boils!
Triple Cuteness: right to left, Hannah, Kimmie, and Hidden Benj.
Everybody searches for the Aphikomen: the hidden piece of matzah.
Jessica feels relaxed and happy, but we just opened the door for Elijah, the spirit of generosity, and Nick and Emily are hoping to see him!
Suddenly, a strange light flooded the room...was it Elijah? Nah, just the flash. Or was it?
We are all enjoying the song "Chad Gad Yoh," which means "One Kid," and is about a string of events that tie into one another... oy! You'd better just Google it.
Ahh, dessert!
Chag Sameach! Happy Holiday!