Ben's Birthday Cake

Saturday, March 24, was Ben's 9th birthday.  The question for us with regard to Benj is, how do we celebrate excitedly and passionately without bugging him?  He's very prickly and very macho. 


Lately he has been very absorbed with video games, Kirby in particular.  Kirby is a little, chubby, round pink creature that eats the things that get in his way.  So it was a simple choice of a birthday cake theme.  Except for one problem:  we had done a Kirby cake for Max a few years ago.  Aha, Ned said, why not make a scene cake?  So we did the lava scene from Kirby and the Crystal Shards game.

Getting just the right colors for pink Kirby and flaming lava path.

For Kirby and the creatures he eats, we used Entenman's Pop'ems, little munchkin-like donuts.  The star cubes were Entenman's Brownie Bites.  The path was Hershey bars.

What could be more delicious?