Our Trip to Colorado
Nat is happy to be going to camp in Colorado!

We will wake up early in the morning.

We will eat a little breakfast.

We will drive to the airport.

We will stand in lines at the airport and wait our turn.
We will take off our shoes for a little while when we go through security.
We put our shoes and bags in the white boxes at security.
This is the security gate. We walk through the security gate when the security person tells us to. We walk slowly through, one at a time..
We will put our shoes back on after we go through the gate.

We will sit on the chairs at the airport and wait to get on our plane.

We will find our seats and sit down inside the plane. Our trip will take a long time: four hours.

During the plane ride, I can listen to music with earphones.  I can watch television.  I can sleep.  I can go to the bathroom.  I can look out the window.  I can eat some snacks.  I can read.


 I have to stay quiet on an airplane so that we have a safe trip.

When we land in Colorado we will wait in line to get our suitcases and then wait to get our car, which is a van. Stephanie will be with us, and we will take her to her hotel before we go to our hotel.
In the morning we will eat breakfast at the hotel and then go on a hike in the mountains.

We will eat lunch and drive around for a little while, looking at the mountains.  Then we will go get Stephanie and drive over to my camp.

These are some of the things we do at camp.
Soon I will say goodbye to Mommy, Daddy, Max, and Ben.
I will have fun at camp for one week.
At the end of the week I will go back on the airplane with Mommy, Daddy, Max and Ben, and I will go home!