Colorado Trip: Day Four
View from our room

Day Four was our full day in Telluride, named after the element "tellurium," although legend has it that the name is actually a contraction of "To Hell You Ride," which I like much more.  Telluride was/is known to be the bad boy of Colorado towns, and I think it is the most interesting of all that I saw.  It seemed to me to be a combination of San Francisco-meets-Provincetown.  What could be bad about that?  Only if you mean "bad" in the good way!


In the morning we hiked partway to Bridal Falls, a two-mile hike that took us three hours because of the effort to climb that high.  Simply scrumptious.  In the afternoon we walked around and shopped, and ate ice cream at Sweet Life.  And then, at night, we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain to see stars.  I got spooked when a deer jumped out of the woods and ran back to the gondola shed with Benj.

Another view from the room.
View from within the room.
Max's wonderful eye captures the beauty of the birches.
Benj and I explore a side trail until we notice all the poison ivy!
What?! We;ve only gone a quarter of the way?!
Delphinium -- my favorite flower -- grows wild here!
Three bumps on a log.
Mmmm apples
First sight of the waterfall.
Deep-fried oreos and a cup of Candy Scramble at Sweet Life!
Back at the hotel, Max adjusts his dreds.
Max does not like gondola rides.
Triangular-tread wheels for mountaintop driving.
Mountain woman
Sweet B. (But don't tell him!)
I am so happy here...
...I am bellydancing on the mountaintop!