Colorado Trip: Day Five

The fifth day began with me going shopping in Telluride and Max talking about how he kinda sorta maybe wanted to ride on a Segway.  Harold, the Segway guy, was once a New Yorker, so he and Ned really hit it off.  He gave Max a free ride, Max's first.


Then we left Telluride :-(   and drove a few hours to Cortez, with the plan of seeing Arches the next day, which we did.  On the way to Cortez there were lovely thunderstorms that we sometimes did not actually encounter, but we would see the lightning and hear the thunder a long while later.  We also stopped at a stream.  I started to feel sick .  Luckily, the car was big enough to let me lay down in the back for a good nap.


We ended up having dinner in Durango, a cool Western town. I think the restaurant, which was a part of the Strater Hotel. was decorated in High Whorehouse style.  Still, a lovely meal.  Even Benj thought so.