From Arches to Aspen: Day Six
Cutie in the car

Day Six we left Cortez to go to The Arches National Park in Utah.  As we drove, the terrain changed yet again to flat, dusty fields, and then red sandy rock.


We came to a huge Totoro-shaped blob first, but could not climb it because it was fenced off (though Ben was willing to try).  Then we came to an arch that was just perfect to climb, but I got freaked by the height.


Arches was stunning, Mars-like, bizarre, beautiful, and beastly hot.  Still, we saw quite a bit of it, by car and by foot. 


Drove another three hours to Aspen.  Tomorrow is the last full day.

Planning the day
Passing by a junkyard
A crop of sunflowers!
The terrain starts to change again as we near Utah
A lovely funky cafe near Moab
The strange Totoro blob
An arch to climb
I start to lose my nerve.
But not these two!
That's our car down there!
A strange little tourist trap: Hole in the Rock, in Utah
Petrified sand dunes
I called this one, "giving the finger rock."
Herd of elephants
Max finds a lizard
The Three Gossips/Syeesters
Time for a (hot, yucky) water break!
Leaving for /Aspen; the land changes again