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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Life Goes On

So, here I am at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC, only it’s practically a week later and I’m really home. But you know me: it is very, very hard for me to let stuff go. I have spent last week trying to get over it, my big White House night, and all I succeeded to do was maybe come up with another book idea and make my hip worse from belly dancing and running. I have had to sit with a stupid heating pad on various body parts and take Motrin around the clock because of this injury. Plus, two of my best friends are away until next week!

By Friday I had had enough. “Oh, it’s going to be a scorcher,” several friends told me. What does my mind do? Snaps into Cape Cod mode. Go find the sun. Call Dad and Mom, ask them if it’s okay if the five of us descend on them at their Cape house for the weekend. More laundry? No problem, says Dad. Shop for all your special food? Sure, says Mom. Yay! My parents totally rock. And so I go and throw the briefest of clothing into a suitcase or two and by the time Ned comes home, I have perfected my pleading eyes and the tiniest pout and we are on our way. (Ned would rather stay home because he’s always at work, but I tell him, I’m so BORED! And I miss my glamourous vacation, so I NEED this!!!) After 22 years, he still can’t resist. My husband totally rocks.

So we had two wonderful days in the hot sun. Ned and I had an all hors d’oeuvres dinner Saturday night at a favorite place in Orleans (seafood cakes, satay skewers, blackened shrimp and scallops, and shrimp and pork potstickers. Nice Kosher selection).

The boys had a great time. Nat loves listening to my music on his iPod

And the puppies, well…

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