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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Keys to the Universe

It’s been a while since I wrote a Keys to the Universe post, but I realize I have some new ones! For those who don’t know, the Keys are ten things or acts that always do just what they’re supposed to do, they are just as good as you think they’ll be, they’re perfect for a particular purpose, right when I need ’em.

1) Sweet hot cherry peppers — like candy but a vegetable

2) Nat’s new rock band — he does percussion

3) My screened-in porch — it’s newly painted gray and white and perfect with yellow cushioned furniture

4) Reverse Arabic releve step in bellydance

5) Elcim blowdrier

6) Our Cape rental — been going there since 2007

7) Talking on phone through my car — just push a button on the dashboard and there it is

8) Radio interviews — giving them

9) A great essay idea — nailing an essay, knowing that it’s going to be published

10) Catching air on my mountain bike — jumping rocks, roots, curbs, bumps, feeling both tires leave the ground, landing perfectly