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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Insidious and Omnipresent Infantilization of Disabled Adults

Here is my latest post for the Psychology Today blog, about how common it is to infantilize people with disabilities; how I recognized this attitude in myself. An experience with MUSE was, as it so often is, my muse for the piece.

Monday, November 5, 2018

CNN’s Article on Nat and Voting

CNN just published a print story of the voting booklet that I made for Nat for this election. I tried to figure out just what he would need to understand, in order to vote like a responsible citizen. I did guide him to consider being a Democrat, the same as I do for my other two sons, because it is my responsibility as their mother to make sure the actions they take have only a positive impact on their lives. But I have created a more general, more neutral format of the booklet that I will share here and hopefully others with developmental and cognitive disabilities will use it and be able to vote:  Voting-Public Version
Also, here is a nonpartisan guide to teaching voting, put out by 3L Place, a service provider in Massachusetts that is all cutting-edge, holistic, intellectually stimulating in its approach to people with developmental disabilities.
Use, enjoy, spread the word, and vote!