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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Egregious and Kathy Lee

(You have to read it out loud to get it.)
Okay, what am I talking about? Try to follow my twisted comic brain: I think of Regis and Kathy Lee/Kelly as the lowest of the low in talk-show phenomena, so I am using them as a jumping off point to talk about another lowest of the low : privacy violation. AOL is the latest winner (or should I say weiner, all apologies to a delicious thing to eat) in Egregious conduct. So now there is a published list of anything anyone has ever searched for in AOL’s search engine??!!

Anyone who has ever typed “booby” or “sex toy:” or even “Susan Senator,” watch out! Yer days are numbered! Soon the Thought Police will swoop down and neutralize yer subversive self so that all you search for are yer missing sox! And I don’t mean the Red ones… (God I am on a roll! Like a weiner!)

Forget AOL, which is really an abbreviation for A—OL- (try a game of hangman with that) and go for Google. Last I checked, their motto was: “Don’t be evil.” Weren’t they the ones who refused to give such similar information to Chinese Government? Although Max tells me that gives that info anyway! Jeez!

My question is: If the Internet is truly a “series of tubes,” then how did we get to this point? I say we need to get AOL’s tubes tied!


A-O-Hell. (Say it out loud)

I remember back when Apple’s e-World was sold and later reincarnated as AOL. I was an early subscriber, and even back then was not much of a fan. Their User Interface was rotten, their customer service even worse, and by golly the BUSY SIGNALS.

When broadband first came to Orange County (yes, THAT Orange County) I jumped right on the band wagon. 1997 was the year I discovered that speed doesn’t kill…it thrills.

Now then, those of us who are smart enough to use Macs simply type our searches in the top right corner box of Safari (or FireFox) and do an instant Google search.

No mess, no fuss, no intrusion.

Now then…let’s see what happens when I type in “booby” and “sex toy” and “Susan Senator?”


— added by Anton on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 11:50 am

Anton, you are naughty. I did not say to type those things in all together, did I??!! I said, “OR,” not “AND!” D’oh!!!

— added by Susan Senator on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 2:45 pm

You know you wanted us to type them all in together.

Naughty? Me?

Well, duh!

— added by Anton on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at 3:23 pm

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