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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Year of Living Fabulously

(I know this will come out looking all lumpy, thanks to that awful blogger software, but here it is, nonetheless.)

Tomorrow is the official one-year anniversary of my book’s release. It is also the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I remember driving home from my interview on Fox News
and hearing all about this devastating hurricane, not paying too much attention because there were always hurricanes in late August and I was on such a high from the fact that my star was just rising. How high would it go? I had no idea. The month before I had been flown to New York to have meetings with producers from Good Morning America, MSNBC, and the Today Show, as well as a meeting with the president of Time. I had loved my day in New York, just my publicist and me; I was all dressed impeccably, in a slim mauve skirt from Anthropologie and brown Banana Republic stretch V-neck top, light pink Kate Spade briefcase and brown faille 9-West pumps. We took a limo, choosing the best limo services, everywhere and ate an expensive lunch and bought sunglasses from a street vendor. We wowed the Today Show people and made a pal at MSNBC.

So today I was thinking about what happened in the year of The Book, all the highlights (and I don’t mean the fake blonde in my hair).
-Interview on Fox News
-Radio interviews all over country (by phone)
-Book’s release
-Reading at Brookline Booksmith (tons of people came to it)

-Interview on NPR’s Weekend America
-Today Show filmed us here

-Ned and I went to NYC to the Today Show

-Emily’s book party for me in Brookline

-Eric’s book party for me in New York

-Gala in New York at the Hotel Pierre where I met Meryl Streep
-Commentary on NPR (WBUR) tying in Nat’s birthday to Supreme Court Decision

-Appearance on MSNBC
-Appearance on CNN
-Guest speaker, Autism Awareness Day at Massachusetts State House

-Flirtation piece in Boston Globe Magazine- caused some stir
-Keynote at Federation for Children with Special Needs – amazing
-Book talks in New Canann, Hartford, New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania
-Keynote in Minneapolis
-Fifth piece in Washington Post
-White House Dinner

-Controversial (sixth) piece in Washington Post:
“What’s Autism Got to Do With It?”

What will 2006-2007 bring? So far, two keynotes, one at which I will meet J-Mac (in October), two talks, paperback release in December…

What I wish for
-New book idea
-Finish my novel
-More WashPost pieces
-More glamorous parties
-Nat’s speech to improve
-Benj to continue to be happy
-Max doing well in high school
Ned’s company to meet its goal for new users
-No more painful, life-sapping relationships
-Good health for all my loved ones

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