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Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer’s End

Summertime done
come and gone, my oh my.
–Grateful Dead, “U.S. Blues,” 1974

This summer I did take
many a trip to the ole’ Cape
There I did many things fun
Mostly made of sand and sun
But there was so much more
There was Mom and Dad, there was Laur
There were dinners out with Neddy Sweets
Where I ate many tasty treats
We went to P-Town not once but twice
And went into stores both naughty and nice
We made friends with a groovy lifeguard
I ogled him while on his surboard
Mom turned sixty-seven
I baked her a pie that tasted like heaven
Blueberry peach with cornmeal crust
Breaking Atkins was a real must
I bought some belly dance clothes
And stuck a magnetic diamond in my nose
(I’m too much of a wimp to get a real pierce)
And hey, the ache in my knee is no longer fierce
My puppies rolled and played in the waves
Benji learned he was really brave
Now it’s high tide that he craves
And the lifeguard had to make no saves
Except if you count Ned swimming into a school of blues
We heard that they can really a body abuse
You could lose a finger or a toe
Or some other appendage, don’t you know
So that was kind of scary, but also funny
And the fish did not eat my Honey
Nat is still the champ at riding a board
But flat waves make him really bored
All he wants to do is eat junk
And if he doesn’t get to, he goes into a funk
Max still practices juggling pins and balls
He lost a bit of a tooth, that’s all
We are ready to leave this place, if we must
And go back home to a house of dust
To school preparation, to lots of mail
I hope that my newly learned optimism does not fail.

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