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Monday, September 25, 2006

Why I’m Happy Right Now

1) Laura is fine!
Thank you, everyone, who thought good thoughts for us.
I probably do not need anything else, but…
2) Told off a total bastard, tore him a new one (he is one), scraped him off my shoe, flushed him, etc. Told! Owned! as Max would say.
3) Reconnected with a friend from high school (he had been my prom date, actually! He is a wonderful man, so happy to see him again!)
4) Excellent workout, did it all, even stretching and icing
5) Reading a wonderful book
6) My Rosh HaShanah dinner was delicious and lots of leftovers that the kids love!
7) Great bike ride with Dad yesterday
8) Ate pie, challah, honey, the works, and gained no weight
9) Helped Max and his friend write a speech — they asked for my help; he is running for student government at the high school.
10)Benji’s social life is really thriving!
11) Mine goes up to eleven. Studio 60 with Neddy Sweets tonight!

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Number One rocks! Sisters are great and I am glad yours is ok. I have two, they are nuts, but I love them.

— added by Mom on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 7:48 am

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