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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sex Offender Label

Here is something I have written about before, which I redid for the Huffington Post. You can read it here. I am very sad about this issue. I understand how horrible a sex offense is, I really do, but I think that our system can really backfire and other lives are ruined as well.

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I am the author of the article linked below as well as the owner and webmaster for

Take a look at this. America’s new “Face of Danger” This is a growing trend in America and it is shameful.

actual letters from real life “children” who have been swept up in the sex offender net. Who is the victim in cases like this? AND is this the best and only way to stop underage sex by forever destroying once promising young lives? The numbers of children being prosecuted, as ADULTS, for sex crimes is growing at an alarming rate. Is this what you would want for your son or daughter?

My name is Joshua ADC# 177322

I was born July 9, 1982, I’m 23 years old. I’m Incarcerated For Attempted Sexual Misconduct with a minor cr#99-014730.

I committed my offence when I was 15 years old (victim was 14) Investigated at 16 ½ And questioned but without nobody present ( Parents or legal Counsel).

Arrested by Phoenix Police undercover During school in front of class…..

Read full article here:

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