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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Good Talk

Tabblo: Braintree Talk

I gave a talk to a group of parents and teachers in Braintree, Massachusetts on “Making Peace With Autism:  Family Life, Autism, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is the usual presentation I do.  I have a Power Point slide show of the family and how we have dealt with my oldest son’s autism through the years, and I read applicable sections from my book, “Making Peace With Autism” (Shambhala, 2005). (  I talk about the arc of our family life, from wondering and worrying about our firstborn; to the learning curve, anger and grief; and into where we are now —  acceptance, understanding, and connection.  There are also helpful strategies I go over, such as “trust your gut,” “determine your family priorities,” “be as eccentric as you need to be,” and “define success on your own terms.”

These talks are always very enjoyable for me and I think my audience, too.  I have been told many times that “it is as if I were speaking their own thoughts.”

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