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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Five Things…

I was tagged by Bob to do Five Things You Did Not Know About Me, which I’ve done before, so I’ll have to try to be original (although that was Five Weird Things…).

1) My best friend from age 11 until age 18 and I have nothing to do with each other and have not spoken in years. Her choice, not mine. I still dream about her sometimes.

2) I had a heavy-duty crush on this friend’s older brother for that same amount of time and he was only four years older than me but never gave me the time of day. Yet his older brother, who was two years older than him, took me out once or twice.

3) I recently looked up the former crush on the Internet and contacted him via email. I sent him one of my best knockout photos. That felt far better than it should have.

4) I have written five novels: Two historical romances and three contemporaries, and I do not know what to do with them, if anything. I can’t seem to make myself read through them and improve them and then submit them. Anyone want to do it for me?

5) My first job was concession stand at a movie theatre. The manager was an idiot, who had a policy that if we were short at the end of the night, it would have to come from our paychecks! I was never short until one night, when this guy counted and recounted the money, getting different numbers every time, and he blamed me. I refused to let him take it from my paycheck and was fired. I walked past him into the theatre and watched the movie for free. It was “Love At First Bite.”

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