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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Come What May

Oh, I can’t wait for May!!! Not that this has been a bad winter at all, aside from my usual mood swings. But this May there are now two things I am looking forward to: 1) My first performance; and 2) A 4-week class with Bellydance Superstar Amar Gamal.

The class I took today, which is difficult for me to get to (through Boston to 93 south down to Quincy), is taught by Sabrina. Sabrina is a spunky, sassy young thing with abs like bedsprings. Yes, she can move a coin up and down her belly with her muscles. All I got was one flip, lower ab to navel, then it hit my piercing and came to a wobbly stop.

She told me that the performance is May 20 down in Quincy and open to the public. I am going to get family and friends to come. We will dance as a class, and she said we can do our own routine if we choose. I hope I have the courage to do a solo but I may not this time. I am working on a costume for it, anyway, all in jade green-blue with silver accents.

Sabrina is funny and great at giving you choreographies. She layers the movies: first the traveling step, then add the hip circle, then the hands, then an accent hip; that kind of thing. She always does zills and veil work, in every class. The veil work — I have missed it so much! I haven’t done veil since my very first teacher, back in June. There is no way that veil can look bad. Each one of us has a different color and Sabrina taught us an entire routine around the veil, with just floaty music, no drums (a taksim). We did a hip circle, then vertical chest circle, and then a slight backbend as well as twirling to either side. Sigh. Like candy-colored clouds floating by.

Sabrina gives me confidence because she moves ahead with each class, building on the last, and talks a lot about “when you perform.” She never makes anyone feel stupid, which is the most important thing of all. I mean, why do it, if someone is going to make you feel ugly or chump-like?

Having good classes to go to is crucial to improvement. I use my DVDs when I’m not in a class, but there is no substitute for a good teacher and the live interaction, also the spontaneity. As well as the camaraderie you get with the other gals. So I am really looking forward to Amar Gamal’s class. Though an international star, she is from Massachusetts originally (after Cuba, that is), and she comes back every now and then to teach. On the Bellydance Superstars DVD she does a routine that is incredible. Her waist is tiny, and her feet skitter across the stage. Taking a class with her will feel a little like being touched by a magical little fairy. And continuing my classes with Sabrina feels like I’m being held up by a fairy godmother. Or godsister.

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The costume sounds wonderful!

(I’m a sucker for greens & blues.)

— added by Julia on Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 6:31 pm

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