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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nothing But the Blues

Ned goes to work everyday but just knowing he won’t be back until Sunday makes me blue. I’m sitting here eating low-carb vanilla chocolate chip ice cream with a fork just surfing the Net, feeling sorry for myself! I’ll have to dance for an hour tonight, and with no photographer.

But, pig-out notwithstanding, a few good things happened so far:
1) Ned landed safely and we were IMing during one of the workshops he was in. Nothing like sexy, funny emails.
2) I got Beast a playdate in the afternoon with one of his best, best friends. They have been quiet for hours! Just the clatter of Legos and the high-pitched cadences of little boy voices. Sweet!
3) When he does talk to me, Max is a wealth of interesting information and the very latest in humor. Take a look at these three links that he sent me; I think they are hilarious, especially the knock-knock joke one (the second link)! Boy, did Beastie like that one! And I nearly horked my choc. chip ice cream laughing at the others.
3) In the morning I took the puppies to get their hair cut, at long last. In our family, that happens like twice a year. Max has been wanting to put blue in his hair. I am not the kind of mom who just says, “No,” outright if my child likes something and it is harmless. I discuss it with him (and with Ned) and think it over before crushing his spirit. No! I called my favorite hair salon and discussed the whole thing with Jen, who has had “every color” in her hair. She told me how they would have to strip his color out and put the blue in. It would be very permanent, with roots and everything. Max did not care. He seemed to really want it. So I discussed color correction with Jen, in case he hated it. Finally, we worked out a compromise: blue streaks.

Three hours later…

Now that’s a Max in a Million!

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Wow. Kewl hair! That’s the way to do it, have someone who knows what they’re doing handle it.

(I have a friend who regularly changes hair color. She had hot pink hair for quite awhile, and then went to black when she had to testify on behalf of a friend in a custody dispute. The friend won, BTW.)

— added by Julia on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 2:20 pm

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