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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Hail the Goomba

The Goomba, who in our household has been named, “Webster Goomez,” is a favorite Mario character of Ben’s. I did not know that until recently.

My mother did not know that either, presumably. But somehow, using her extra-sharp Grandma Vision, she picked him out at some store she frequents, and something told her, This one — for Ben.
Mom has always been a kind of a Superhero herself. Her background is in library science and education, and she has put it to use with my sons in spades. She has always been especially skilled when it comes to getting the right book or toy for the right grandboy. Mom is the one, after all, who picked out Spell-A-Puzzle, which is the toy that taught Nat to read. Mom is the one who recommended all the Beezus books, Narnia, and the Egypt Game — oh, that was for me, actually — and she was the one who played Baby Beanie Babies over and over with Max in a cute high-pitched voice I never knew she had. Mom is the one who bought Nat Floppy Bunny and Funny Bunny. Dad, of course, was in on it all, too, God bless him! (They are both the Ace of Spades as far as I’m concerned.)

But today I am thinking about Mom, especially because of Webster.

Webster resides in our house. Mom got him for Ben as an “extra,” a present for Chanukah that did not “count” as the real present. But just because.

So Grumpy Goomez is a new part of the family. And he is very welcome, too. He and Ned get along very well. Ned has him walk all over Ben; five steps, then he rests, because his head is so large and his feet, so small, he tires easily. Ben thinks this is hilarious. The word Ben actually used was, “kinda adorable.” After that, he began to point out other things that are “cute.” With a smile on his face. No holding back; experiencing joy and emotional stuff and sap. This is Ben I am talking about. Sugar and Spike. All prickly.

It turns out, that a nasty little Mario character found his way into the secret catacombs of Benji’s heart and forgot to shut the door behind him.

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