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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fringe Benefits

I used to hate February vacation, but I am loving this one!! I have really enjoyed having Max and Ben around, and Nat has been in such a good mood when he gets home from school. All I do is take them on errands, and we fall back into our same old, familiar mode of chatting in the car, joking over how I drive, things we want to do and get. We reconnect our roots with little tendrils of superficial chat.

Today, with all the snow, I feel justified in staying inside with a project. And since I sent my agent the proposal last night, my creative rivulets are flowing into things textile: a costume, from scratch! Sort of.

Last year I started making my very own sea-green cossie, inspired by a favorite Nourhan Sharif hipscarf in the same color. It was not a bad fit, but it wasn’t quite right, in the end. But I watched a vid Ned had taken, of me dancing in it, and I thought it was cute. So I got it out this morning. And I was struck with a great idea: harvest bits from other cossies (extra fringe, extra beaded crap, etc.) and embellish the bra top. And as luck would have it, I came across some silvery-lavendar bits from some wristlets and cut them off (the wristlets are still useful). I used a piece of periwinkle-lavender trim I had bought on my New York trip with Laura last spring for the middle. I cut off some purple beaded fringe from a cheap cossie that I no longer wear, and also its shoulder straps, and added all to the top! ‘Tis gorgeous!

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