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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mission Possible

I never learn. I get all worked up about all the stuff I have to do, all nervous, sweaty palms, etc. And it ends up okay. I guess that is because the few times it did not remain forever in my brain, open sores slashed into the gray matter. Why can’t I hold onto the good stuff, soft kisses pressed into my heart?


This afternoon was one of those action-packed days where I had to be two places at once. You all know the kind of day I mean. Nat had a half day, so I booked his 6 month-teeth-cleaning for today. So — Nat at the dentist at 2, but Ben is in school at 2. Ben then had an appointment at 2:30, while Nat would be in the dentist. My mission — and I had no choice but to undertake it — was to pick them up and drop them off and wait with whichever boy for the designated amount of time before I had to pick up the other boy with the first boy in tow.

My strategy: Get Ben out of school early, leaving Nat in the car while I do so so as not to upset Ben by bringing Nat into the school and risking an outburst (it’s happened before, just horrible, don’t get me started: kids heads being slapped, my head being slapped, etc. All because we took the wrong turn down the hall.). Hoping Nat would be okay in the car for a few minutes.

Bringing them both to the dentist, waiting there while Nat paced the waiting room full of little kids. The receptionists know us well, however, and just love Nat, so they just smile and everything’s cool. Then at 2, Nat went in and I split with Ben for his appointment, which, luckily, was just across Beacon Street from the dentist!

Wait with Ben until 2:30. Rush back to get Nat. Go with Nat up to the corner and buy ice cream. Eat the ice cream. Throw away half of it because I don’t want to get fat(ter). Walk quickly to Starbux and get Ben a cookie like I always do, must keep all routines the same, and an ice coffee for me to reward myself for only eating half the ice cream, which was lo carb anyway.

Rush up the three flights to get Ben, running behind Nat the Sprinter, who is just about to open the door to a psychotherapist’s office!!! “No, Nat!!” Okay, we made it. Find a magazine I haven’t read, that I could tolerate. (Family Circle? Ick. More? Should be called “Bore.”) Wonder why Nat is staring at me? Everything okay? Worry, worry about outburst…

Ben spills out from his appointment. I pull the cookie out of the bag. He HUGS ME!!

Nothing else matters. We are done and I was hugged. Happy weekend to you all.


I loved this story!

— added by BrassyBeads on Friday, June 13, 2008 at 5:20 pm

Well I for one became exhausted just reading this, let alone having LIVED it. But honestly, all I can say is this is another example wherein autism is such a pain. With my son Matthew we have to talk about things like dentists appointments WEEKS beforehand to get him emotionally ready, then juggle exam rooms between him and his two sisters and also worrying, worrying, worrying how he will do and that no problems arise, even though the dentist knows he is autistic. A relatively simple thing that becomes incredible stressful. SJ

— added by Sharon L. on Friday, June 13, 2008 at 8:52 pm

Susan, great job showing how much thought and choreography goes into what others might consider a simple chore-filled afternoon. Autism parents should consider a side career in battlefield strategy. Lisa

— added by Anonymous on Monday, June 16, 2008 at 11:17 am

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