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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Annie Get Your Gub

I am no martyr, so I had to do something about it. Something had to give. No more Mrs. Doormat. No one’s putting their shoes on me, or throwing their shoes at me. This Libra is going to take a page from Taurus, and get tough and stubborn. What am I talking about? My jobs. Both of my teaching jobs have to have some adjustments, to alleviate stress.

And so, the solution I came up with is to offer two Baby Belly classes, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. The Tuesday group will be K-1st grade; the Wednesday will be 2nd-4th. Both classes will be half an hour, no longer an hour. Snacks will be provided at the beginning of class.

Maybe I’ll have the girls earn their hipscarves, or I’ll have a rule where if it falls off, it’s off, and no one is allowed to change veil color or hipscarve in any given class.

We’ll have ten minutes for snack and 20 minutes for instruction. No running around. Everyone has to stand in a circle, the whole time. And, I’ll have to figure out how to get the little ones to understand what the heck the class is about. Probably no recital for the little ones; it is just too hard.

Also, an 8-girl limit. No exceptions.

And as for my English 102 class next semester, I will count participation much higher this time. I will make the essays count evenly, and not make one more important than the next. I will make a strict rule against interruptions, and against the use of any technological devices: no cells, Blackberries, or laptops out — except for taking notes. All work must be handed in on time, and for each day late you lose half a grade. No exceptions, even with illness. Email me the thing, but don’t bring it in late with a doctor’s note.

I have agreed to switch to MWF at 12, rather than TTh at 10, and I was deemed an “angel” because I agreed to it.

Angel or Martyr? Sinner or Saint? Or just me, the girl who cain’t say “no.” Well Ado Annie might be turning into Annie Oakley, so watch out.

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It does make you feel better to grab life by its horns…You newfound taurus, you!! I once had trouble saying NO, then one day I did it and then I did it again–just forced myself and now it’s such a relief to say no when I really want to….

good luck with your new sound like you have a fulfilling work life.

— added by Holly Nappi Collins on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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