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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clinking, Clattering, Collection of Colligenous Candy

I am just bursting with … whatever you may call it, as long as it’s good. I feel like I have jellybeans in my head, everything is colorful and chewy.

I just sent some trusted beings the first bits of my book, for feedback. This is one of the final stages before I turn it in to Eden, my editor. (As an English professor, I find her name quite an interesting one, considering she is where my Creation ends up and takes form… maybe the Marketing Department is the snake? Asking for feedback is the apple, gives me knowledge that may hurt…Oh, shut up Senator)

It is unbelievable that it is real and here and a new being (my book). Jeez, that is how I really feel.

Okay, other news: I have a new dance teacher. A lovely, beautiful, warm and challenging woman from California!! I already have two combinations to practice. I’ve been dancing almost every night, with new confidence, and a real sword. (Only got hit in the noggin once! Ow! Get the boo-boo bunny, Neddy… 🙁

So with all the practice, I noticed I was isolating top from bottom more than ever, so it looked really good, despite any belly fat that is, sigh, a part of me it seems, for good. And it is good! It is a sign of my proud years, my childbirthing, etc. Right?

So I had Ned film the dance session and I LOVED it. I looked like a REAL dancer, because of the confidence and the isolations and the flourishes. yay.

Class went better this week; I felt relaxed and interested in the readings (another GREAT Updike, called “A & P”). I just adore him, may he rest in peace. 🙁 I’ll never get to meet him.

I got a whole bunch of new activities for Nat to do, with kids his age!!! That Alternative Leisure Company in Bedford Mass is just a dream come true. Also, Nat starts swimming on Sunday!!! The swim season has begun!! State Games are June 20 and 21st, at Harvard Stadium, I believe.

Oh, God, and there’s the whole Special O thing I have not even begun to write about, the funny stuff I observed in the basketball thing… the great stuff that will just make you laugh, and stuff. I’m getting there. My head is full; I can only type so fast!!

And now… off to make dinner, or some facsimile thereof. Jellybeans for the vegetable and Reeses for the protein!


your title reminds me of this recent blog –


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That is a cool blog; thank you!

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