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Friday, November 25, 2011

Three Holiday Gift Possibilities…

So far, I have published two books having to do with autism:  Making Peace With Autism, and The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide.  and one novel that features a deeply autistic character:  Dirt, A Story About Gardening, Mothering, and Other Messy Business.  It is my very biased but honest belief that these books would make excellent holiday gifts. Making Peace is good for those beginning to come out of the haze of diagnosis, who are trying to regroup and reconfigure their family life with autism in the mix. The Survival Guide is good for those starting out, needing to figure out how they can still be whole people in their own right, how to have fun, how to look at this huge thing called autism.

Dirt is a novel, my latest book, and it is a story of a suburban family of five affected by autism as well as other issues — divorce, drug abuse, sibling rivalry, infidelity. The characters intersect intensely, including the highly autistic oldest son, Nick.  He is barely verbal but he is a full character in the book nevertheless.  Dirt is a fun and thought-provoking read and a good gift for anyone who like contemporary family novels. Good for gardeners and families alike!

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