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Sunday, June 10, 2018

I’m Biking For The MUSE Foundation

I am doing my first charity ride, September 1, in an organization called Bike to the Beach. Bike to the Beach pulls autism philanthropies together under their widespread umbrella so that multiple autism causes can come together and raise a good deal of money while networking with each other and raising awareness and giving away mountain bikes for beginners to help promote the advocacy. My team is Team MUSE Foundation. MUSE, which stands for Music, Unity and Social Expansion, is a non-profit that is all about community inclusion and social opportunities through musical instruction and performance.

I joined the board of MUSE in December 2017. I go to every rehearsal because Nat is part of MUSE. Nat started out playing in the rhythm section but as this story goes, one evening practice he heard a song he knew from long ago “Life is a Highway,” and he moved towards the mic. We all said, “Nat, sing!” and he did. Now he is one of the chief singers in the band, The Brookline Buds. There are currently two bands — the other is The Next Big Thing — but MUSE would like to expand to three — we have a loooong waiting list!

I would love it if you, my faithful readers, would consider a small donation towards our ride. Here is the link to my page, where you can find pictures of our MUSE students and instructors, and my donation button. Thank you for reading my blog and for supporting MUSE.

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