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Dirt cover

Dirt is my first work of fiction. I drew upon the voices of my three sons, Nat, Max, and Ben to get at the personalities of the brothers Nick, Henry, and Dan. I was especially challenged by creating Nick, Emmy’s oldest son who has severe autism and is barely verbal. Nick comes alive as a real person with thoughts and emotions—a whole inner life. Dirt is not an Autism Novel, although autism provides much of the salt in its flavoring. This story gives a real glimpse of a family struggling not only with autism, but also divorce, sibling rivalry, loneliness, and dissatisfaction with life.

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Autism Mom's Survival Guide cover

In The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide, I interweave the voices, insights, and stories of autism parents and professionals with my own narrative, to offer a book of guidance and encouragement on how to find happiness and fulfillment given the context of autism in the family.

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Making Peace With Autism cover

Making Peace with Autism is a family memoir with universal truths about struggle, coping, discovery, and acceptance. With a moving and compelling narrative, the book describes getting through the early days of grieving, of learning about autism and what to do, finding out how to be a strong family, and how to stay connected with one another, autism or not.

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