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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Appetite Elsewhere/Dinner At Home

A good friend who is a writer and very beautiful once told me that “a book tour brings ’em out of the woodwork.” The theory is that people somehow become highly attracted to one who is in the spotlight, on one’s own, and apparently successful. It doesn’t hurt that when one goes on a book tour, one generally spruces up a bit: new clothes, attention to hair and make up. The travel, though inconvenient, is exciting. Doing interviews, giving talks, being on television, and going to parties, make the endless slogging that comes with the necessary promotion all worth it. Best of all, one comes into contact with so many different, interesting people. And sometimes those people are not shy about telling one about their admiration.

This, of course, can be intoxicating, seductive, and pose challenges to even the most happily married women.

The big question is: what does one do about such attention from others? This New York Magazine article offers an intriguing perspective on a potentially t(horny) problem. Hey, we’re all complex human beings, after all. Aren’t we?

(Thanks to Halley’s Comment for the magazine link.)

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