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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fit to be tied

Benji, my youngest, has his winter concert tonight. (Yes, I said “winter concert,” not “Christmas concert.” Our town is so completely hogwild into “diversity,” God bless them, that the kids always learn a whole mixture of “seasonal” tunes: something from Asia, for the Chinese New Year that’s coming in January, something for Kwanzaa, something for Chanukah, and even something for Christmas.)

At his kindergarten concert two years ago, Ben wore a tie:

At last year’s concert, Ben wore a tie, a real one that time. But for the entire concert, he played with the tie. It went up, it went to the side, it went all around. It is amazing how many ways a six-year-old can play with a tie while standing in the front row at a concert, principal looking on and parents frowning.

I asked Ben if he would like to wear his tie this year.

In true Ben style, he said, “No, that tie distracts me.”

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Yesterday evening we saw middle son (our 15 year old cool dude, who also hated wearing the required tie) play at the high school’s “Holly Berry” concert.

The concert included the 9th grade concert band (which my son is in), the 9th grade string orchestra, the symphonic orchestra, the chamber orchestra… and the two week old high school Klez Kids ensemble, a school Klezmer group.

One of the senior violinists organized the group. She brought in fellow students who also attend her temple (which has a Klezkids) to play brass, key boards and the drumset, PLUS she had about half a dozen violinists volunteer. It was wonderful! Also, some of the non-Jewish violinists were really getting into it because they just don’t get to play jazz that much!

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