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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays

Twas the day after Christmas,
and all through our home
five creatures were stir-crazy
so I’m writing a poem

We still have a week’s worth of Chanukah that we must get through
And tons of dumb little presents yet to undo
Can anything be quite as anti-climactic
As Chanukah after Christmas, it’s making me frantic!

To change the subject, I go back to the computer on my lap
And try to sift through what is good and what’s crap
And I’m supposed to be starting to write my next book
But I can’t even come up with an idea or a hook

And visions of Visa bills are dancing in my hungover head
while I look at the clothes to be folded on the bed
There’s stuff received from my in-laws’ Christmas to unpack still
While I’m thinking, why, oh why, did I have to eat and drink my fill?

And still I’m trying not to eat all the good things I’ve baked
‘Cause I know that being slim just cannot be faked
But I’m going to have to try and fake it, you see
‘Cause in two days I’m going to be on MSNBC!

So I’m taking some time to blog something worthwhile
So that at least some of us will be able to smile!

What I’m trying to say though the words ain’t out right
Is Happy Holidays to all, wish their end were in sight!

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