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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ben and Laura

Tomorrow, March 24, is Little B’s eighth birthday. It is also my sister Laura’s. They are both so special to me. Benj was 5 years in the making; Ned and I could not agree on having a third baby, but I prevailed (I often do). I remember telling God that he owed me, because things had been so hard with Nat. I absolutely believed that he was listening, because I was one of his best customers (I have always believed in him and had confidence that he exists).

Well, it just goes to show you, don’t f*** around with God. Benj is not easy, at all. I struggle a little bit with Little B every day, maybe not the same angst I had with Nat, but angst just the same. Ben, my brown-eyed boy, has a quick temper and is highly sensitive to what people say to him. He is a harsh judge of everyone around him. He sees things in Old Testament terms, black and white. He has a lightning-quick mind and a devilish wit. He pisses people off easily, and doesn’t understand why. My Benji is dusted with The Spectrum, in an amount not detectable to a psychologist, but just enough to make him a wildly original thinker, and a real prickly person. Just a little autism pixie dust.

My sister is another quick-witted, hot-tempered thing. She is smaller than me, darker skinned, darker eyed. As children we were extremely close, and we loved each other as hard as we fought each other. We made up a language together. We have the same sense of humor. We can finish each other’s sentences. Like Ben, she also sees things rather black and white, and for the longest time she and I struggled because I was too soft and she was too hard. But somewhere along the way, we figured out how we complement each other, rather than take away from each other.

I find it so interesting that people born on the same day can share certain characteristics. The two of them, Benj and Laura, are so fiery, they are such Aries!

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people on earth!

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Happy Birthday Benners!!!!

— added by Danielle Lynne on Friday, March 24, 2006 at 1:15 am

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