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Friday, March 24, 2006

Eine Shayna Capura

This means, literally, “One beautiful chicken.” It is something my grandfather used to say whenever something broke. It is a Yiddish expression that is loosely translated, “Better that it happened to the chicken [the thing that broke] than to us.” “Us,” meaning, the family, or the Jews. Better to lose the chicken, slaughter it, whatever, than … The attitude comes from centuries of oppression, Gentlemen’s Agreements, pogroms, Inquisitions, Expulsions, Kristallnachts, Massadas, etc. As a people, the Jews have certainly endured more than their share of abuse, and it is in our DNA to remember that, no matter how much therapy one might undergo.

Anyway, I love “eine shayna capura,” because it is a great way to shrug off one’s feelings about loss. It reminds me that these things are only things, whether it is a plate that broke (a wedding dish broke this morning, prompting these thoughts) or something else not turning out the way you expected it to. Even autism. Even a flaky friend. Even nasty blog comments. Even having a mid-life crisis. It’s not the end of the world. It is just the chicken, not us.

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Nothing like a good negative comment to make me think, bring it on!!

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