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Friday, March 31, 2006

More Keys to the Universe

1) L’Oreal sunless tanning goop – always gives me just the right color and dries fast
2) My 10-mile bikeride through Chestnut Hill – not congested, ends by Starbucks
3) My writers’ group – they understand the highs and lows of this job, they’re funny, and they’re fabulous
4) A great flirtation – oooh, baby (sorry, cannot disclose)
5) Cadbury chocolate creme egg – when I allow myself this, it is the best food on earth, with “real” egg yolk inside made of gushy sweet vanilla cream. A mouth of delight
6) One perfect glass of wine – to soften my head a little bit
7) Getting flowers – any flowers, but the best are pink roses and blue delphinium…it’s been too long…
8) Earth, Wind, and Fire’s Reasons – one of the sexiest songs out there
9) When Ben gets to play with Chris – always works out, Chris is the greatest, most easy-going kid and lives right around the block.
10) Having Max babysit – he is so conscientious, so competent, sweet, and his fee is less than our other sitters.

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