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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Random House

Well, so far, not going anywhere. I can’t even run around the reservoir, let alone run away from Boston! My *%$ knee was on fire. Tomorrow, physical therapy with a very nice young man in a location I can walk to (ironic, no?). Took a long bike ride instead, actually downshifting a few times! Ick. My bike fought back because it was not sure who it was riding it; I never go below the hardest gears! So the chain came off the derailleur a few times; I had to ride with black fingers and remember not to wipe the sweat off my face!

I made Benji clean up all of his Legos — actually, Ned and I made this happen, together. A little threatening, a little coaxing, a little bribery. So much dust on Ben’s floor when we were done, but it looks like a real room now! Ned bought all these bins with drawers from Staples. Mind numbing task but worth it. I took Ben to IParty for a bald wig when we were done; he wanted this because he is making a (violent) movie with a friend and I guess he needs to be hairless. He was a bit disappointed with the quality of the wig; it was basically a thin, flesh-colored bathing cap, and much too big for his little head. I stuffed all my hair into it to make him laugh and he didn’t and now I smell like a balloon.

Somehow I was energetic enough to make a really good dinner: gazpacho! Ben made a joke of it: What’s gooey, spicey, and ruins dinner? Answer: gazpacho! Well, Ned and I liked it. And it wasn’t gooey, by the way. I haven’t had that in years. It used to be our favorite newlywed dinner, gazpacho and cornbread. So Nat made the cornbread and I also fried up some chorizo and cheese. MMMMMMMMM but it was too good so I wanted even more. We went to Coldstone Creamery and had ice cream. Holy crow, that was good!

Here, also, as a non sequitur, is something Ben and Max did together: silliputtimation. I love my puppies!!!!!

Another non-sequitur: my fabulous husband made it so that I get positive reinforcement for not checking email: everytime I shut down mail, two kisses appear at the top of my screen. When I check mail, it drops down to one in lower case. He believes — and I agree — that I would be a happier person if I were less plugged into this thing.

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The kids and I love the ‘silliputtimation’, what a clever idea 🙂

— added by Mum is Thinking on Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 11:54 pm