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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Good (Enough) Day

Sticking close to home these days. Not doing much of anything, except living moment-by-moment, which is sometimes the best way to be as a parent. I have a feeling of wellbeing that is rather inexplicable, so I thought I’d make a list of the things I’ve accomplished to see if I can understand what went right thus far. My therapist tells me that extrinsic achievements are not necessarily the route to happiness, but they sure help.

1) Wrote a great piece and submitted it to the WashPo at the request of the Asst. Editor. This accomplishment plus contact made me feel a bit more like a real writer than I have been feeling of late.
2) Decided to cancel trip to either NYC or DC, rather than leaving it up to Ned to say, “We don’t really have the money.” I can be the heavy sometimes.
3) Explored fancy options for New Year’s eve here. Someplace where I can wear the red dress. All seemed too-too; strange combinations of scallops with caviar or mint and fennel, for like $195 a person. We are not foodies. We don’t know wine from whine. Ned hates suits. Hmm.
4) Planned, instead an interesting New Year’s eve sans Manhattan. There is a local (not at all fancy) sweet little place that is trying something new: Turkish band and belly dancer. So… maybe I can still wear red dress because it is New Year’s eve?? Opinions? (This does not really count as something positive that happened)
5) Took Nat and Max out to get a snack while I bought coffee at Peet’s
6) No Ben because he had a playdate, second day in a row! Nachas
7) Dieted successfully for two days now.
8) Danced for an hour last night after having gone to the gym in the morning, too.
9) Knee no longer sore, despite dancing.
10) Helped Max clean out desk so he can give it to Benj; helped clean off big desk he will use (from third floor).
11) Heard from someone interesting from my past but handled it well.
12)Did not bug Ned to come home early, though very bored.
13) Picked up dust bunnies with my hands.
14) Luxurious hot bath tonight
15) Going to watch either Taladega Nights, or Tourgasm, or Team America (Max’s recommendation in exchange for watching Ordinary People with me).


4) Oh, goodness, Susan, wear the red dress! You look so gorgeous in it and want to wear it, so wear it! And let us know how happy you were in it! 🙂

7) You go, girl! (I’m currently on the “kids won’t let me eat” diet, and we had a “kids won’t let me eat” series of incidents over dinner; I said it before my husband did. I think maybe now my MiL will understand why the kids eat before we do some nights….)

9) Wonderful! (My knee is bruised. I’m all about knee sympathy today.)

11) I read that link, and the flirting gives just a small dose of NRE (new relationship energy) which, if allowed to, can be spread into other relationships. I’ve done the flirt-and-go-home-and-jump-my-husband thing on occasion, myself.

15) If it’s Talladega Nights, let us know what you think of it — I’m somewhat curious, and I trust your opinion more than that of the person who’s been pushing it the most on me (a local talk show host who can be exceedingly funny if you’ve been trained to recognize deadpan well enough).

— added by Julia on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 10:23 pm

Hi Julia!
Sorry to hear about your knee.
“Flirt-and-jump-husband;” Excellent way of putting it!!! 🙂

I could not even get through the first fifteen mins of Talladega… Totally stupid and boring and strange. Maybe it got better later on?

Happy New Year! Your blog link doesn’t work, by the way.

— added by Susan Senator on Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 6:49 am

I don’t really have the blog set up. If you want to be bored by quizzes and minutiae, I’m juliarandolph at livejournal.

(I’ll let you know if I get underway with anything on blogspot.)

— added by Julia on Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 10:41 am

of course wear the dress!

— added by susan on Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 3:10 pm

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