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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Declaration of Love

I think that Ned is planning on taking me away for an overnight somewhere. We are talking about Washington, DC, although I really wish I could go for dinner at the White House again! How can I get invited back? Though I suppose that’s mostly so I can buy another gown and dress to the nines. We only got invited to one Christmas party this year; unbelievable! Usually it is seven in one weekend! WTF? Is it our deodorant?

More than partying, I have felt the real need to go off with Ned and cocoon. We have had some extremes this year, some very wonderful times but also some scary lows as a couple. Our shimmery golden 25 + year bond has stretched and broadened, and sometimes thinned in places so we have really needed to repair. We do this by spending quality time (stupid cliche but so true) and also by checking in with each other frequently. We I.M. during the day — I have learned (the hard way) I.M. etiquette, whereby you must first say, “Hi” before beginning with some sexy thought. He gets annoyed with me when I just burst out with some declaration of love or lust online. But I love Ned on I.M.; he expresses himself more clearly with the typed word sometimes than face-to-face. I am intrigued by his I.M. voice. Perhaps I need to learn to shut up more in real life so that I can hear more of his spoken voice, but I suspect that I.M. somehow frees him up.

In DC, we are going to stay in some outrageously luxurious hotel; right now there are deals on five-star places, so sign me up. A long soak in a marble tub and an in-room massage; wonderful. Lying around on impossibly soft beds and then out to dinner at this restaurant in Georgetown, where they have belly dancing, of course. The next day we would probably do what he wants, which I would like as well: go to the National Archives and see the original Constitution and Declaration! Though I prefer his declarations…

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You’re NOT supposed to just start out with a sexy thought on IM?

Guess my husband and I are doing it all wrong, then!

— added by Julia on Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 10:46 pm