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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Favorites of the Moment

1) Allergy medicine: Claritin — it’s cheap and OTC and did not make me drowsy throught XMas. (I have a cat allergy and my FIL has cats, as opposed to katz, to whom I am not allergic)
2) Song: Pump It, Black-Eyed Peas. Thank you, Max, this is the best workout song I have ever had. Yo, yo.
3)Work out at gym: crunches on the half-circle thing; arm weights (12.5 lbs in each hand, yeah, baby, I be a strong beyotch) and elliptical with iPod watching the big flat screens do their thing.
4) Work out at home: other than something with Ned, my DVD of tribal fusion BD (that’s belly dance, FYI)
5) Belly dance costume: black leggings, black bra top, lots of beaded crap around my hips (Ned bought me all kinds of stuff: tassels, sparkly trim, bells, silvery and red ribbon to decorate myself with) and a big beaded thing wrapped around my hair so I look really tribal.
6) Snack: Atkins peanut butter crisp bar (only 2g and totally delicious).
7) Belly dance move: upper rib cage eight (see pic)
8) Bad habit: drinking too much decaf and foaming up my cream with this thing my mother bought me.
9) Magazine: The New Yorker What else is there, frankly? It’s got comics, movie reviews, liberal reporting, witty exposes, and poetry!
10) Medical professional, other than my sister and sister-in-law: my doc! He answers my questions over email!!!
11) Bearded man: Ned
12) Movie star man: Jeff F***ing Bridges. He is the sexiest thing on the planet.
13) Spa treatment: Facial, sans extractions
14) Hair style: Just the right blow-out; not too flat, not too straight
15) Luxury I can’t afford: A regular housecleaner
16) Shopping secret: Anthropologie has a huge sales section in the back
17) Thing to do with Nat: Read the surfing book. He is totally riveted.
18) Thing to do with Ben: Build a world with Legos (recent project: land of the dead)
19) Thing to do with Max: Shop at Apple store, drive around in car (it’s how we talk).
20) Thing to do with friend: coffee
21) Thing to do with Mom: Shop and then eat
22) Thing to do with Laura: Walk and talk
23) Thing to do with Dad: Bike ride
24) Thing to do with Ned: Laugh
25) Thing to do with myself: Belly dance

Yeah, that’s right! Want to make somethin’ of it?

(Can you guess that Ned got a new camera for Chanukah and who is his favorite model?)

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Jeff F***ing Bridges has a great site, too.

— added by Anonymous on Friday, December 29, 2006 at 7:11 pm