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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lights, Nat, Action!

Turn on your love light
Let it shine on me
–PigPen, GFD

Close up of cheery, twinkling Christmas lights. Camera pans from lights to inside Batchelder/Senator family dining room. Three laptops open, cereal boxes and cereal crumbs strewn across large black dining room table. Empty coffee cups sit, open-mouthed and drying.

Enter Nat, pacing quickly from dining room window in back to row of windows, and back again, like a caged tiger:

“Want the lights to go off!!”
Close up of Ned, sleep-rumpled hair standing up, glasses off, black sweatpants on: “Natty, everyone has lights on. They are Christmas lights. We’re going to put our menorah up today, too!”
Nat: “Nat will turn lights off!”
Ned: “Natty, we can’t. Should we go see the lights?”
Nat: “Daddy will hug me.”
[Hugging, back-thumping, back-scratching]
Ned, to me: “Getting alot of hugs here!” Close up of me, pink striped pajama bottoms, black top, hunched over computer, smiling worriedly.
[Nat scans the dining room window]

Lights go off.

“Natty what happened?”
“Lights are off.”
Exit Nat.
Silly talk resumes. All is well in the state of Denmark and Massachusetts.

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