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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Best and Worst

Here is another of my best and worst lists:

1) Eating parmesan right from the wedge
2) Writing exactly what I mean to say
3) Placing an essay in a world class journal
4) Noticing that the light has changed outside — flush winter down the terlet
5) The smell of Ben’s hair when he needs a shower
6) The colors in Ned’s, Max’s, and Nat’s faces (gold, pink, and blue)
7) Finding out that Nat has a girlfriend in his class
8) Imagining Ben as a man
9) Packing for a trip
10) Writing in a sunny spot, and having something to write there!

1) Being emotionally smothered
2) Being summed up
3) When my therapy hour ends
4) When bellydance class ends
5) When my knee/hip pain flares up
6) When even makeup doesn’t make a difference
7) When I really, truly don’t feel like dancing
8) When Ned is too preoccupied with work
9) When Nat is too upset about the light to enjoy anything
10) When people don’t call back for playdates with Ben

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So, in summation…

Oh no wait, wrong part of the list. 🙂 Nat has a girlfriend?? That is too cool!

— added by I Wax Poetic on Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 9:10 am

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