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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dis and Dat

Conversation at my table right now:
“John is another name for a toilet, you know.” –Ben
“Ha ha ha ha, really?”–his friend, M
[munch munch munch on chocolate cookies — ah, the smell!]
“Is Mr. Dumb here?”
“Ha ha ha ha ha”
“Is Doncha here? Doncha Want Me To Poop On Ya?”
“Is God here? Gotta Fart?”
“Let’s go upstairs and play.”
[they exit, leaving lots of milk and zero cookies behind them]

I just love the nine-year-old mind.

Speaking of which, here, FYI, is the column I did in today’s paper. It’s chock full of local minutiae so it might not be too accessible to everyone, but there’s a couple of good chuckles, I think.

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