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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Productivity Day

What a nice day. Ned calls this kind of day a “Productivity Day,” whereby you get a lot of things done in a very satisfying manner. (Productivity Day first started when we were in college, and he had to go out and get me a lot of presents for my birthday, and nothing else; he just had to succeed at hauling back goods for me.)

Here is a little list of what I did today that felt good:
1) Started calculating how long it would take me to finish Book 2, the last piece of signing the contract. I used my agent’s book as a guide. The due date is very tricky. It shouldn’t be too far out, but if you make it too close and you miss it, the whole deal could go under.
2) Finally got Nat to ride a bike with me. We did our old loop around the pond, which is a 15-minute ride, very safe, very close to home. Except for the part where the front end of the bike was completely reversed and he was trying to ride it anyway, all went well. He is an extremely careful and people-aware rider. Beautiful.
3) Changed all the bedding and did all the laundry. Snore, but how satisfying it is to see the beds all crisp and white.
4) Mailed an autographed book to someone who had requested one weeks ago (thanks, Gretchen!). Also mailed Kimmie’s wetsuit top which we had by accident.
5) Got some recipe ideas and became psyched to cook again, because of Real Simple (thanks, Sarai!). Bought the necessary food (but the cute guy was not working at the little market today).
6) Got my hair done, at last, and had a lot of fun catching up with my hairdresser (her name is Gregory and she’s a lovely lady). They gave me $60 off because I had referred three people.
7) Third successful diet day (Atkins Phase 1).
8) Dance and photo shoot, I hope.
9) Ten new episodes of Season Two of Entourage, currently my absolute favorite show.
10) Nat is responding well to the new meds regimen (Knock on $#Q$%# wood)

Tomorrow: bike ride, make ice cream, cook a great feta and shrimp salad.

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