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Thursday, August 30, 2007

We All Scream

Just when I thought my summer had hit its zenith, literally, in the mile-high state of Colorado, I took off with my boys and my sister and her family for good ole’ Cape Cod. Same lovely house we always rent, hardly any cooking, beach, bike ride, bronzing. Ned swims in the ocean every single day. Ned also borrowed a strange pyramid-like object that brings the Internet to this house, so we are all wired. And Nat, darling Nat, is in his element. As long as we discuss (several times) each new plan, and each person’s role in said plan, again and again, he is happy.

The only problem? Too many carbs!!!!

Tabblo: We All Scream

Every night of our vacation we have been eating ice cream.  Laura and I try not to, but, well, peanut butter cup happens! … See my Tabblo>

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