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Monday, October 29, 2007

Good Day

What’s Good About Today

Red Sox won the World Series! Ned and I actually stayed up to watch it (well, he did. I got into my jammies and slept on the couch next to him until the bottom of the 9th, or whenever it was that Ellsbury made that catch). He woke me up to see the final bits. Yay! Too bad it didn’t happen here — I live pretty close to Fenway, though.

Crisp hot-cold air. Mostly still leafy trees. We get an extra month of fall because of the weird weather. (I feel like Pollyanna: “I’ve found a reason to be glad about global warming! Longer summers!”)

House is all decorated for Halloween. Beastie and I made a skeleton guy with a hat and shoes. We webbed up the porch and I found $6 devil hands, which Beastie stuck into the porch bench so it looks like a bloody guy trying to get out. I made a Martha Stewart spider egg sack: one of Ned’s (juggling) balls in one of my white stockings, suspended and then webbed up and stuck with plastic spiders (who look like they just hatched out of it). Gross! I bought two perfect large round punkins and the men will carve them tonight while I work on camel walking on my tip-toes.

I bought black ballet slippers, real ones from capezio, to practice in! So pretty and so good to my feet.

Just taught my third Baby Bellies Class. I love love love them! They are all getting much better at veil work and balancing. They can spin and spin and hardly get dizzy (unlike me). One of them brought in her own little zills! And while they danced, I practiced smiling while dancing — it’s easy around them.

Took care of a lot of Nat’s paperwork. Feels good to get that stuff mailed off.

Getting ready to read Patti Boyd Harrison Clapton’s book, “Wonderful Tonight,” her memoir about life with George Harrison and then Eric Clapton.

Beastie is in a great mood. He said I was, “Da Bomb” today. He is so beautiful!!!

Natty is in a great mood. He is silly-yelling and grinning. He is so beautiful!!! He just got mad about the crowded refrigerator, biting his arm, and he reached out his fingers to pinch me and then stopped himself!!!!! Way to go, Nat!

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I can so relate. Andy and I keep looking at each other saying, “Wow … what a fantastic time to have moved to New England…”

I know winter’s on the way, but right now we are loving it!

— added by Judith on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 11:06 pm

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