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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keys to the Uinverse

The nerve cells are one of the wonders of the uinverse.
–Little Susan Senator, 5th grade science paper ending.

That last post of mine (yesterday) was written after a three hour drive and with a headcold!
This one will be far more straightforward.

Keys to the Universe (no-fail items or people or activities that truly do what I want them to do)
1) roasted, salted almonds, 365 Brand from Whole Foods. The perfect salty, crunchy Atkins-friendly, heart-friendly snack. For an even bigger charge, have them with a cup of ultra Splenda-sweet Peet’s French Roast decaf and just a little cream.
2) hour at my gym. Even if I’m a tank after Thanksgiving, working out and then soaking in the hot tub surrounded by friendly, pumped women gives me the illusion of slender fitness.
3) Nat with Julie, our new tutor. She is a self-starter, bright, sweet, and warm and really gets him.
4) Tivo episodes of Seinfeld. Consistently funny and wacky, and they are brilliant at tying together all the stray threads introduced in the episode.
5) Haram Alayk by Natacha Atlas. Always always gets me dancing, even while driving.
6) Nap in the car while Ned drives. It passes the time and I wake up feeling great.
7) Plans to go out that night. Even if the night ends up no good, the anticipation all day long gives me a great day.
8) James McNair’s Pie Cookbook. Especially the cornmeal crust. Why does anyone go with regular pie crust when you can make cornmeal?
9) A good long cat cuddle and neck smush, (as long as you wash, wash, wash and take Singulaire after) They sniff and purr and look at you with those almond-shaped eyes!
10) Shu Umumera Liquid Fabric. It allows me to dry my hair naturally and all I have to do is then spray it on and crunch the ends for perfectly controlled curls. No effort, and works even better with a curling iron.

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