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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spelling Lesson

So now that I know which song I’m going to do for the June 1st Bellydance Superstars show — “I Put a Spell on You,” Natacha Atlas’ version — I am working obsessively on the choreography. Here is what I believe I will do, and it is somewhat like what I did in the YouTube vid on the previous post:
1. Drum beginning: hands up over head, interior hip circle
2. Drum: repeat
3. Accent drum: sharp hip bump left, right
4. Drum: hands over head, interior hip circle
5. Strings: snake arms
6. Drum: hands over head, hip bumps
7. Strings: snake arms
8. String theme: medium hip circle and then classic Egyptian walk forwards and back
Song begins
I put a spell on you…: big hip circle walk to left
You better stop…: big hip circle walk to right
I ain’t lyin’: spin
I can’t stand it…: camel around yourself
Put me down…la la la la: full body wave downward, then reverse body wave upward to straighten up
A heartache: (Melina) hands from heart twice, go to one knee (?) Stand up, spin
Instrumental begins
Machine guns drums: flat hip 8’s, hands on hair
Ay-ya-ya-ya, (men’s chorus): 3/4 shimmy walk w/alternating shoulder rolls forward (count 8)
Sqeaky oboes solo: flat hip 8’s again, alternating hands
Wella, wella, wella (men’s chorus): hip click walk
Singing resumes
I put a spell on you: camel walk on toes to left, because you’re mine…then right
You better stop: Maya down with arms, and figure 8 up with arms…I ain’t lyin’
I love you: shimmy arms up and outward, joyously
And I don’t care: shimmy arms down, along bod
Right now: jump shimmy
I put a spell on you: snake arms and medium hip circle
Because you’re mine: deep hip circle, head down, flip hair, cross arms, finish


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