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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Channeling Ado Annie

Whatcha gonna do when he talks like that?
Spit in his eye?
–Ado Annie, “Oklahoma!”

Those naughty Baby Bellies. I actually had to kick two of them out of class today, and I’m working on getting rid of a third. These were some of the newest girls, and they had utterly the wrong attitude. It was just test, test, test. Asking me crap like, “Why are you so sweaty?” and saying stuff to another girl like, “Didn’t you know it was picture day?” while eying her outfit. And who needs that? I just want to teach bellydance and they clearly just want to make trouble. By now, the changes I’ve made are: no hip scarves; snack at designated time only; those who do not participate have to sit down quietly or go to the Office; no running and screaming.

I don’t like setting boundaries. I’m like Ado Annie in most things: I’m just a girl who cain’t say no — that is, until suddenly I’ve had enough and my head explodes. But I’m a-learnin’ how. The Baby Bellies are forcing the issue. My two dearest students told me today that they did not want to come anymore because of all the chaos! I told them I understood, and that I was working on fixing it.

So the after school activity coordinator is getting those two out of the class. And I’m going to continue to lay down the law, or at least to clap my hands for order every now and then.

Ben and his friend C were outside of the Multi-purpose room where class is held — they would never join the class, of course — and they overheard all of it. Driving home afterwards, C remarked that I had to “learn to be meaner.” But I’ve gone about as fur as I can go.

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