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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Card I Would Mail

I blew it this year in terms of buying Mother’s Day cards on time. But —

Oh, Mommy!! How I love you.

Because of that day you put me in a navy blue velvet party dress and brushed my hair into a bun and said we were going to Old McDonald’s Farm for the day.

For always being so happy to see me that you cry a little bit when we visit.

When you pronounced the air Out West to be so good you’d like to “bottle it.”

For driving all those times with Laura’s doll head hidden on your shoulder and not noticing it.

The way you love my kids.

Because you are so pretty, and always were, that I named my favorite doll after you.

Because you never wear any makeup, even at age 68!

For saying, “So, transfer!” when I was miserable at Trinity, my first college — and so I did. You made it seem possible.

Because of the intense, sensory-filled way that you nurture and nourish your loved ones: with food, music, stories, sweet-smelling hugs, laughter, and even anger that is brief and just.

Because you are the sweetest person I know.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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